Sounds and movements to serve your projects

Simple movements, powerful sounds, energetic support and the power of a group to help you know where you are and allow you to go were you want.

Did you know that moving your body and using your voice, you can stimulate your brain and your creativity, balance your emotions?

Add intention and a goal to these elements, and the possibilities become infinite

Come with your project, your dream, your questions!

I will show you how to use your voice, your body, your breath to relax your body and your soul. And with the support of the group’s energy, I will help you move closer to your goal.

During classes, there will be questions about your projects, your goals, personal matters. You do not have to share the answers with the group. Feel free to keep them to yourself.

Kinéson in Kyoto

A: Introduction [Kaze no Ne Café]
Discover Kinéson’s unique tools [voice yoga, Brain Gym, etc.] and see yourself from a new perspective: who am I today? Where am I? And what is possible?
January 6th (Sat) 17:30~19:30 

B: Defining the Goal [Kaze no Ne Café]

The more you use a tool, the stronger it’s effects. During this second class, we will go from “who and “where am I” to the exploration of “where do I want to go”.
January 7th (Sun) 17:30~19:30

C: My Kinéson [Workshop, Sakyo West IkiIki Community Center] 

"Who am I, where am I, where do I want to go": once you know, it’s time to call your allies! Let’s create your own personal Kinéson – your unique sound and movement that will support you on your way towards your goal.
January 8th (Mon) 14:00~18:00

A: 2,000 ¥
A+B: 3,500 ¥
A+B+C: 7,000 ¥

Information • RegistrationKyoto Mindfulness Center
e-mail smile@kyotomindfulness.org
Facebook @kyotomindfulness

About Anna Takahashi and Kinéson

For 20 years, Anna Takahashi has been exploring the fascinating connection between body and mind through the daily practice of conscious sounds and movement. In 2012, she created Kinéson in order to offer an integrated expe­rience of all that fuels her practice : Gaiayoga [voice yoga], Brain Gym®, integrated and archetype movements, Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Hatha Yoga, PneumacorpsMD Respiratory Relaxation... She teaches in France, Germany, Japan and Montreal (WordCamp 2015). The simple and powerful exercises that she uses everyday also help her in her work as a translator specialized in self-help and wellness.

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